Our Top 4 Permanent Makeup Machines

Our Top 4 Permanent Makeup Machines

You are fantasizing about a PMU machine that is ultra-lightweight, maneuverable, versatile, and tailored to your specialties. Maybe you’re happy with your PMU machine and looking to try something new. Then you have come to the right place. PMU machines are evolving very fast, we carry the state of art latest technology in makeup machines.  

Here’s our round-up of the top 4 best permanent makeup machines, suitable for all makeup artists. Let’s see which one is the best machine for you.

1. Falcon Wireless PMU Machine
Falcon PMU Machine

Falcon is a known brand in the tattoo industry and is renowned for making quality machines with excellent after-sales service. The Falcon Wireless PMU Pen is optimized and designed so you can focus on your art above anything else. Eyebrows require a lightweight and slow machine, while lip filling requires a little more power to handle larger needles. This Falcon wireless pen machine is lightweight and compact, yet powerful enough to easily fill the lips and eyebrows. 

Which reduces hand/wrist fatigue and allows you to focus on your PMU work. Furthermore, it is completely maintenance-free (i.e., no lubrication is required) and extremely durable.

No matter what stage of your PMU career, you can count on growing your skills with the Falcon wireless pen. The Falcon pen is Falcon Blend's first-ever PMU machine. It is also powered by Tattoo Gizmo, the company that makes many of the PMU machines featured in this blog.

This Falcon wireless PMU Pen is also designed for any PMU technique you may use, such as fine lines, Ombre Powder Brow, or shading work, so no matter what your specialty is, the Falcon Pen easily handles it. It has a versatile 3mm stroke and works beautifully with Permanent Makeup Pigments

Additionally, it comes with one spare battery for long hours of working. Although it's best suited with Falcon PMU cartridges, you may use any brand of cartridge. 

This Best quality, maintenance-free PMU machine comes in four colors: black, green, red, and pink.

2. FK Iron Flux Mini (Made In USA) PMU Machine
Flux PMU Machine
Unleash your power. The FK Iron’s Flux Mini is a slim, ergonomic device that packs reliable power in our smallest footprint on the market. Meet the portable pioneer in PMU, featuring convenient interchangeable power packs, a 2.5mm stroke, a 19mm grip, and an ergonomic design for enhanced comfort. Slim in design and powerful in performance, the Flux Mini serves the industry's need for a well-balanced, wireless device with long-lasting battery life and the capabilities of earlier models, without compromises.​

Cut the cord. Maximize mobility and increase flexibility for more freedom during procedures. The Flux Mini provides mighty power with a mini price tag, crafted to fit in your back pocket.

The Flux Mini Machine allows you to see your work more clearly when doing procedures in tightly packed areas. That means you can work with greater accuracy and control.

Made in the USA By FK Iron 

Slim, compact design

Wireless power in our smallest footprint

2.5 mm stroke length

Proprietary motor design

Up to 5 hours of battery life*

Ergonomic shape for comfort

Enhanced mobility

Interchangeable battery packs

User-friendly, intuitive controls

Includes USB-C charge cable

3. TG Stylus PMU Machine
TG Stylus PMU Machine

This Tattoo Gizmo’s Stylus's is a PMU machine designed exclusively for PMU and made for versatility. Thanks to a broad voltage range, Stylus can tackle almost anything: lip blush, permanent blush, color correction, permanent eyeliner, and stippling. This is thanks in no small part to its ease This is due in no small part to its easily changeable stroke length. Elara comes with three interchangeable cams: 3mm, 2.5mm, or 3.5mm for a variety of techniques. Additionally, this pen-style eyebrow tattoo machine lets you easily adjust the needle depth by turning the grip.

4. Utopian Eco PMU Machine Comes with 2 Batteries
PMU Machine

Some PMU artists see the Utopian Eco as the most adaptable microblading machine on the market. It is recognized to be capable of all kinds of permanent makeup techniques, from eyeliner and hair strokes to lip tattooing and scalp micro-pigmentation.

This machine's lightweight body, weighing only 118g, allows for excellent, delicate finishing. Plus, all the weight is center-balanced, giving you total freedom with your hand movements. Like the Apollo, this PMU machine comes with two batteries, contributing to its lightweight design. The ECO PMU machine also has low vibration, so you can enjoy the most comfortable permanent makeup procedures.

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