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After Care

Tattoo Goo Renew Lotion Ink (Review Old Colors) In 3.5oz

Tattoo Goo Renew is designed to aid the healing process of a new tattoo.


After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Skin Moisturizer Lotion Tube 3 Oz

After Inked Tube-Non-petroleum based And Enriched With Grape Seed Oil.


Ink Fixx Tattoo Aftercare Healing Lotion Tube 2.5oz

Ink Fixx Tube-tattoo Aftercare healing lotion.


After Inked Multipurpose Non Petroleum Jelly Jar 13 Oz

Non Petroleum Jelly Jar-Lubricates, Soothes, Softens, Glides.


After Inked Non-Petroleum Jelly 7G Pouch

NPJ Multipurpose Non-Petroleum Jelly for Tattoos, Piercings, PMU and everything in between


Tattoo Goo Renew Tattoo Enhancing Lotion With SPF 30

Natural Olive Oil formula has SPF 30+ to rejuvenate skin—bring out the color and protect your ink.


Tattoo Aftercare KIt (4 In 1) Made In USA

The gentle salve is the original "Goo" and a thin layer gives your new tattoo the protection it needs.


Total Piercings Aftercare Kit (3 In 1)with Cleansing, Antiseptic,...

Total Piercings Aftercare Kit (3 in 1) with Cleansing, Antiseptic, Deep Cleansing.


Tattoo Goo After Care Lotion (Made In USA) (Healix Gold+Panthenol...

No alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, or mineral oils, Fragrance free, All-natural ingredients.


Pro Series™ Brand By Tattoo Goo® In 6oz

Pro Series™ Brand by Tattoo Goo® in 6oz-Non-Greasy -Vegan Friendly with Vitamin A.


Pro Series™ Brand By Tattoo Goo® In Pack Of 7.39ml

Pro Series™ Brand by Tattoo Goo® -Non-Greasy -Vegan Friendly with Vitamin A.


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