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Power Units & Accessories

Tattoo Gizmo Binary Power Supply

Tattoo Gizmo Binary Power Supply Professional tattoo power supply, compact and convenient to carry, The digital ultra bright LCD screen makes this power supply


Black Dual Digital Power Supply

Black Dual Digital Power Supply-Fit for all kinds of tattoo machines. Blue screen fine tuning power supply.


Mercury Stainless Steel Dual Digital LCD Power Supply

Mercury LCD Power Supply The Stainless steel body makes it looks elegant.


Critical Power Supply XR - D

New-Full color TFT display with user selectable color themes and large easy to read fonts. New-Billet aluminum CNC machined housing New-Carefully tuned Capaci


Eikon EMS 420

Eikon EMS420, the most advanced supply ever produced to power a tattoo machine.


Eikon ES 300

Meet the ES300. This little power supply combines some of the best features of an Eikon power supply in a compact.


Gem Footswitch

Gem Foot switch-Each unit comes pre-wired from Eikon.


Eikon RCA Cord

Wired to a 1/4" mono plug and a gold plated RCA plug for an efficient connection.


Eikon Clip Cord

Very flexible clip cord, unlike normal cords these twist less and stay tangle free.


RCA Conversion

Quickly and easily convert any tattoo machine to the trouble-free, solid connection of RCA connector cords.


LCD 4 Digit Power Supply Black

LCD 4 Digit Power Supply Black-It decorated appearance, elegant and generous, stable performance!


Finger Touch Stainless Steel Skull Foot Switch

Skull pattern design, appearance is luxuriant, elegant and generous.


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