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Eternal Ink Tattoo Ink Triple Black (0.5oz)

Eternal Ink Tattoo Ink Triple Black (0.5oz)

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Made in USA
Sterilization for safety
100% Authentic
Always keep Ink in a cool & dry area.


Brand:- Eternal Ink
Ink Color:- Black
Package Information:- Bottle
Paint Type:- Tattoo
Item Volume:- .5 Fluid Ounces

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Eternal Ink’s Triple Black has stood the test of time and remains a top performer. Consistency is smooth with high opacity. Ideal for tinting colors or straight from the bottle for bright white areas or highlights. . They have adopted a part of the Hippocratic oath as their own philosophy ,USE FOR PERMANENT BODY TATTOO DESING. PERMANENT ENTERNAL TATTOO INK 15ml, 1/2oz USE FOR PERMANENT BODY TATTOO DESING