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Intenze Formula 23 1oz Tattoo Artiest Tattoo Ink (Black 30 ml)

Intenze Formula 23 1oz Tattoo Artiest Tattoo Ink (Black 30 ml)

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●Brand:- Intenze
●Model Number:- Formula 23 Customize 1oz Trial Pack For Tattoo Artiest
●Quantity:- 30 ml
●Brand Color:- Formula 23
●Color:- Black
●Number of Bottles:- 1
●Net Quantity :-1 Bottle

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Intenze Formula 23, The Next Innovation in Lettering Tattoo Ink, Artist BJ Betts teamed up with Intenze and created the ultimate in superior lettering Ink. As far as Betts is concerned, this is the best black he's ever used. Formula 23 is built to run with speed, allowing it to keep up with the quickest of hands. The incredibly dense black of Formula 23 is designed specifically to enhance the artistry of tattoo lettering, but also breaks down smoothly, giving you the perfect gray for any type of shading. Formula 23 truly wipes clean, saving your stencil and your time.  Wipes Clean, Superior Dense Black, Incredibly Fast Running, Unleash your potential! (Note : Intenze is not providing Formula 23 in 1oz pack this is a customize pack from the seller to the beginners and Professional artist)