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Allegory Lining & Shading Tattoo Ink Black

Allegory Lining & Shading Tattoo Ink Black

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● Liquid dispersed pigment
● Great for lining and shading
● Made in the USA and 100% vegan
● Allegory Black Ink Rich and creamy-smooth
● Travel-friendly Size bottle
● Professional grade, Organic tattoo Ink


● Use for: Lining and Shading
● Size: 2oz, 8oz
● Color: Black
● Type: Tattoo Ink

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Allegory Black Tattoo Ink aims to provide artists with rich, reliable pigments for quality tattooing procedures. Their signature Black tattoo ink is everything an artist is looking for when it comes to black pigment.

Allegory Black Tattoo Ink is a liquid dispersed black pigment that can be used for a variety of tattooing procedures. Rich and creamy-smooth, this ink comes in a recyclable travel-friendly sample sized bottle. Each bottle has a twistable dispenser top with a seal. Each bottle comes with a glass marble agitator to ensure consistency.