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Cheyenne Engen Wireless Battery Pack

Cheyenne Engen Wireless Battery Pack

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This tattoo battery pack has everything. It not only frees up your tattoo machine (cable), but it also allows you to work through any duration of tattoo session with minimal distraction. Cheyenne EnGen is fitted with a standard Li-Ion battery, allowing you to stock up on extra batteries and extend your wireless working time indefinitely. The unique sliding idea makes changing batteries easier and faster than ever before. EnGen comes with three batteries, each with an estimated working time of four hours, allowing for continuous tattooing from the start.

The tattoo battery pack is controlled by three buttons that are easily accessible while EnGen is covered. The OLED display provides additional control by showing the current output voltage as well as the battery's power level. The convenient design allows for not only simple operation but also effortless covering, making tattooing with a battery pack even safer and more sanitary.

The battery pack's shape makes it ideal as an expansion for the Cheyenne SOL Nova. It provides the power you expect from the cable when working with the Cheyenne HAWK Pen and HAWK Pen Unio, but the extended form may not be the most comfortable option for these two. When it comes to performance, there is no need to make any compromises. The EnGen also provides wireless freedom to other tattoo machines that have 3,5 mm jack interfaces.

Technically works with all machines with a 3,5 mm jack connector 
The prolonged pen form makes it easy to cover
Compact design, low weight and only a slight shift of the center of gravity
OLED display to show output voltage (4.7 V - 12.5 V) and battery charge level
Simple operation via three buttons
Easily exchangeable battery with up to 4 h working time
Integrated roll protection
Adjustable display orientation
3 batteries, charger and cable included
Size (L x H x D): 73 x 39 x 33mm
Weight: 70g (without battery), 95 g (with battery)
Material: Anodized aluminum, plastic
Made in Germany

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