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Cheyenne Hawk Grip Sleeve - 25mm Black

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Sleeve - 25mm Black

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1. High-quality Tattoo Grip
2.Ergonomically Designed
3. Adjustable Depth
4. Ultimate Tattooing Experience


1. Diameter: 25mm (1”)
2. Color: Black / Red
3. Ergonomic, lightweight design
4. Immediate needle depth adjustment
5. Certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment
6. Manufactured in Germany

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This standard Cheyenne Hawk grip sleeve works with all Hawk machines to provide the ultimate, high-quality tattooing experience. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort. The grip sleeve features a professional medical design and a removable front part, which eliminates complicated decontamination and cleaning processes. The Hawk grip sleeve is one of the best in the industry because of its fast and simple needle depth adjustment, allowing you to tattoo seamlessly and efficiently. This listing is for a 25mm diameter black Cheyenne grip sleeve.