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Cheyenne PU2 Power Supply

Cheyenne PU2 Power Supply

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The touch control will make your work easy and intuitive
Can be positioned horizontally or hung thanks to magnets and position sensor


Connecting up of two tattoo machines via a 3.5 mm jack plug
Connection of a foot switch
Output voltage of 4.7 – 12.5V, perfect for all Cheyenne machines
Power unit including type A, C, G and I plugs

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This PU2 power supply has everthing you could wish for from a good tattoo power unit. It combines 2 tattoo machines and foot switch, which gives you a complete control.

New innovative touch screen lets you toggle between the machine with a simple double click.  An integrated position sensor and strong magnets allow you to set up, attach or fix the PU2 – PU2 always knows where it is and will adjust the display accordingly. It’s not just a good control unit for your tattoo equipment – but quite simply a very good and very simple PU2!