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Deutschland DC Cord

Deutschland DC Cord

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Silicone material,
Good tensile strength and flexibility.
Built-in copper wire, strong electrical conductivity,
Good performance.
Anti-breakage and crack prevention, will not harden in winter during prolonged use.
Can be used to connect tattoo machine and power supply.


Product Type: Tattoo Clip Cord
Material: Silicone
Interface: DC
Optional design: straight, elbow.
Diameter: approx. 5.5 mm.

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  • The case of this cable is made of organic insulating silicone material, which has good tensile strength and flexibility, good insulation effect, long service life and elasticity.
  • This tattoo power cord is made of high quality oxygen-free copper, fast transferring inside, good conductivity, long-term working, voltage stable, no heat generation, it is one of the best accessories for tattoo equipment.
  • This tattoo power cord effectively prevents breakage, it will not break when used for a long time in winter and can be used normally in bad weather. It is the best choice for tattoo beginners and tattoo artists.
  • The plug of this power cord has two types of straight and curved plugs: the diameter of the plug is 5.5mm. The high-quality metal connector has good conductivity and can be used for most tattoo devices.