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Disposable Tattoo Ink Cups With Stable Flat Base-1000pcs

Disposable Tattoo Ink Cups With Stable Flat Base-1000pcs

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● Flat bottom eliminates the need for tattoo ink cup stands
● Non-Sterile
● Made of clear plastic
● Makes clean up effortless
● Used to hold pigment or ink
● Transparent to allow a better view of the ink color
●Available in different size: Small(11mm), Medium(14mm), Large(17mm)


●Size: Small(11mm), Medium(14mm) And Large(17mm)
●Color: White

●Package Qty: Box of 1000

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Artists choose our wholesale tattoo ink cups, ink cup holders and ink palettes for quality and reliability because they are manufactured in the United States using FDA-approved materials. Our flat ink cups are packaged in plastic-lined cartons to prevent contamination. The Ink Cups have a flat bottom and hold pigment or ink allowing for placement directly on a work surface without the need of an ink cup stand. The Ink Cups are non-sterile and transparent for a better view of ink color.


Tattoo Ink Cup Available In Different  Size Small(11mm), Medium(14mm) And Large(17mm) with Flat Bottom  - Box of 1000pcs