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Dynamic Ganga Black Tattoo Ink - 8 oz. Bottle

Dynamic Ganga Black Tattoo Ink - 8 oz. Bottle

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We are proud to introduce our first Dynamic Color artist collaboration ink. This labor of love took two years to complete. GANGA BLACK x DYNAMIC is a collaboration between Dynamic Color and world-renowned tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and fine artist Joaquin Ganga. His style has crossed borders, as he has brought his art from Spain to the United States.

Ganga is well-known throughout the world for tattooing celebrities like Drake, LeBron James, Post Malone, and Odell Beckham Jr. As a long-time Dynamic user, it was only natural for Ganga to seek our assistance with his latest venture. GANGA BLACK x DYNAMIC is a specially formulated black that applies smoothly and heals bold and dark. Because Ganga lives so close to Spain, it was critical to him that this product be totally REACH-compliant for usage throughout Europe and beyond while maintaining the quality and consistency of our original formula.

GANGA BLACK x DYNAMIC is specifically formulated for black and grey portrait work, with a much cooler tone and a more matte finish than our original formula. The smooth gradients of shading produced when this ink is used as a wash are specifically tailored to Ganga's hyper-realistic style.