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Elevate Workstation 4D-Large Top

Elevate Workstation 4D-Large Top

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Workstation Size with wheels : 75cm(H) x 96cm (W) x 33cm (D)
Work Station Weight : 26kgs
Counter Top : Large counter top with removable and cleanable acrylic top: 76cm (width) x 30cm (depth) x 7.5cm(height)
4 Drawer : Pull out drawers:50cm (width) x 30cm(depth) x 7.5cm (height)
Side Table (removable) : Great for your power supply with a hole to run you machine or power cables. 25cm (width) x 31cm(depth)
Wire Winding Mount (removable) : Easily wind up any cables when you are not working.
Towel Holder (removable) - Place your paper towel for each access.
Glove Holder/Dispenser (removable) - Holds your gloves and allows you for quick and easy access.

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This Tattoo Workstation is specially designed for tattoo artists , perfect for tattoo studios. you can easily maintain your tattoo products in this.
This workstation is metal rolling, made from high-quality steel with black paint finish. This tattoo workstation comes with a large counter to work, also added an additional side table.
This tattoo workstation comes with a gloves rack, power supply rack, side rack, and a cable winder.
Side of the tattoo workstation is attached with a heavy duty steel handle.
The workstation of slides is ball bearing ,36mm drawer track are for all the drawers, contributing to comfortable and smooth pulling out.
The tattoo workstation side trays can be used to keep the tattoo inks and other bottles.
In this workstation given the optional magnetic attachment, that can be easily attached and secure, ordered separately.