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TG Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine (Exhibition Display Clearance Sale)

TG Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine (Exhibition Display Clearance Sale)

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1. Adjustable Stroke: This fantastically unique design provides two distinct ways of working. The stroke may be modified by rotating the handle, which is simple to operate.

2. Rechargeable Design: Built-in battery head, a complete 8 volts charge may be used for roughly 8 hours without the need to connect the tattoo clip cord and power supply; changeable voltage section, allowing tattoo artists to work anywhere, at any time.

3. Powerful Motor: This tattoo machine is equipped with a high-performance motor that provides ample power for tattoo cartridge needles, liners, and shaders.

4. Replacement Head: This cordless tattoo machine comes with a replacement head, two types of connectors that are easy to replace and spin to screw down.

5. Long-Term Use: The built-in battery head is dead; you can replace it; however, you must connect the tattoo clip cable and power, which is the tattoo machine's usual operation mode and will not be affected by the fact that the built-in battery head is dead.