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Tattoo Gizmo

Eye & Brow Eyeline 3D Tattoo Practice Skin

Eye & Brow Eyeline 3D Tattoo Practice Skin

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●These tattoo practice skin has a similar feel as human skin.
●The makeup eyes tattoo fake skin can practice different tattoo techniques, improve your tattoo skills.
●Perfect for practicing tattoos, eyebrows and eyeliners, eye makeup practice..
●Mainly for the practice eye shadow, eyelashes, eyeliner, etc., allowing you to focus on practicing eye makeup.
●This is a very realistic makeup practice board made of a textured silicone, which completely simulates the texture of real human skin and can be reused many times.


Condition: 100% new
Type: Tattoo accessory
Color: as the pictures
show Material: silicone
Function: Tattoo Practice Tool

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  • High quality : The silicone material is soft, flexible, resistant, safe, non-toxic, odorless, harmless and comfortable to touch, it offers a lasting and reusable experience.
  • Practice your skin : Have the texture similar to human skin, which is great for practicing and improving your skills comfortably and safely.
  • Ease of use : With skin-like material, it can easily create perfect eyebrows effect, ideal for beginner and tattoo artists.
  • Pratico Practical design : Allows you to position yourself on the real body for a more authentic tattoo experience. You can exercise different eyebrows, techniques from shading to contour.
  • Widely used : Suitable for beginners and experienced artists, it satisfies your diverse requirements widely.