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Falcon Biodegradable Tattoo Inks cup

Falcon Biodegradable Tattoo Inks cup

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High Quality Material, Wheat Straw Material + PP Material
Anti- Rollover Design
Sufficient Quantity
ECO-friendly and biodegradable
Packaged in a recyclable paper bag


• Raw Materials: Bagasse Pulp cap with a starch coating
• Small: 11mm diameter
• Medium: 15mm diameter
• Large: 20mm diameter
• 200 pieces per bag
• 100% compostable
• Leak-proof
• Strong and sturdy

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Falcon tattoo ink cups are made from natural wheat straw fiber and PP material, it is decomposed by microorganisms into plant fertilizers, and will not cause secondary pollution.

This ink cups are more safe as compared plastic tattoo ink cups, these ink cups are biodegradable and recyclable, safe for people and the environment.

The Falcon tattoo ink cups can hold ink or pigment during tattooing. this tattoo ink cups self stand on your work desk not need tattoo ink cups holder.