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Falcon Tattoo Wireless Battery Power Supply

Falcon Tattoo Wireless Battery Power Supply

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1. Standard RCA Interface: Suitable for most tattoo machines with RCA interface, the interface is tight and not easy to fall off. Large LED digital display screen.
2. Built in 1300mAh high capacity lithium battery, after fully charged, under the state of 5V working voltage, it can continue to work for 3 5 hours.
3. Portable Design: Power supply adopts high quality aluminum alloy material, firm and stable, durable. Light weight and portable, suitable for tattoo studio.


Product parameters:
Out Voltage: 5V-12V
Charge Voltage: DC 5V 1A Battery capacity: 1350mAh
Fast charge cord: Type-C Connect cord: RCA
Protection function:
1.Input Short Circuit Protection
2 overcharge Protection, more safer
1. Short press to ON, press "+" and "-"to change volt, 0.1V voltage adjust.
2. Machine start in Hight vilot Function
• Power on Long press the power
• button and "-" button about 5 seconds.
• The screen shows bo is ON
• The screen shows b1 is Off
3.Please charge with the Power off, Prohibit working while charging When charging, the remaining power will be displayed. Reaching 100% is completed.
4. This battery mainly matches rotary tattoo machines. Please do not matches coil tattoo machines.
Breakdown solution
When there is Short Circuit Protection, please charge it to active.

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Falcon wireless tattoo battery is small size with only 55g weight. This tattoo wireless power supply is perfect for any legth of tattoo machine.

The Falcon tattoo battery capacity is 1350mAh, it is enough for complete a tattoo works.

This falcon wireless power battery interface T1 is a standard RCA connection. This is fit for all standarad RCA connection rotary tattoo pen machines for liner and shader.

This tattoo battery made of aluminum alloy frame and high quality insulating plastic mini portable, light weight.

This tattoo battery is easy to carry you can do tattoo work outdoors.

you charge this battery for 2hours and work for 3-5 hours.