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Goochie A8 Permanent Make Up Rotary Pocket Machine

Goochie A8 Permanent Make Up Rotary Pocket Machine

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The handpiece was designed as the Rocket, with smooth lines and shape and comfortable grip, working with the oval control panel
Full disposable Needle Cartridge, Needle-lock automatically, easy plug in-and-out, 100% prevention of cross infection
Simple to adjustable Needle depth, Exact adjustment, Perfect control
Magnetic rotation motor, powerful and noiseless, Punch frequency: 120-180Hz
Easy operation, pedal-free, with On/Off button on handpiece


1. Object
This machine is applied for permanent makeup
2. Performance
The device can apply to tattoos, permanent makeup, and micronedling
3. Classification
1) water -prevention degree: ordinary equipment(IPXO)
2) mode of operation: continuous operation

A8 Rocket Permanent Makeup Machine Kit:
1 Set of the digital control panel
1 Piece of the cartridge-type handpiece
1 Box of connecting lines and power cord
1 Box of single needle cartridge
Package weight : 1.7 kg
Outer packing size: 390*260*80 mm

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Goochie A8 Permanent Make-Up Rotary Pocket PMU Machine

  • Full Disposable Cartridge System Hand Piece.
  • The Hand Piece Was Designed With An Emphasis On Ergonomics, Rocket Shape, Concise & Fashion.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Effective Shock Proof.
  • Tattooing Steady Adjustable Needle Length.
  • Exact Calibration Power And Noiseless Noise.
  • The Frequency Of Needle: 120-180 Hz.
  • No Need For a Power Pedal, Controlled All By Control Panel.
  • Digital Intelligent Control System.
  • Control Panel Is Adopted High Standard Plastic Shell Oval Shape, Smooth Lines, Press Button Operation Interface, Easy To Understand, Multi-Function.
  • Global Voltage: 100-240v, Meeting International Standards.

Directions for use:
Working under connecting power with cord
1. Please connect every part as the picture on the right
2. Choose the right needle cartridge, and install the needle clockwise in the handpiece, with calibration set to zero
3. Please ON/OFF button to start the control panel
4. Choose the right operation button
5. When the handpiece is working, adjust the needle depth to a suitable length.
Suggested needle length for permanent makeup:
Eyebrow: 1~1.5mm Lip area: 0.8~1.2mm Eyeliner: 0.8~1mm
6. During the process, can slow down or speed up the running speed of the handpiece
7. After the operation, turn off and clean the handpiece and control panel

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