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Goochie Microblading Pigment 5g

Goochie Microblading Pigment 5g

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Professinal for digital permanent makeup manual hand pen use.
Natural-looking and rich colors .
Pure plant essence ,raw material from USA.
High quality Embroidery Tattoo Ink,will never change another color.
All Semi Permanent Makeup Ink are sterilized, ensuring the highest quality standard, more safe and healthy.
Micropigmentation Pigment FDA and DermaTest Approval.
Easy-coloring, able lasting effect for 2 to 3 years.


Medical distill water...8%
Plant toner...28%
Natural emulsifier...15%
Gelatin water...8%
Inorganic plant pigment
Medical emulsifier
Distilled water.

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About The Product :

Goochie Microblading Pigment Color 5g

  • 1. Adopted pure plant Micro-pigments materials. Material from American.
  • 2. Color is bright, never fade. Profession colorful permanent makeup pigment.
  • 3. Our Permanent Makeup pigment adapt pure plant pigments materials with sound processing technology, original material comes from USA.
  • 4. Color fast, is not easy to fade.

We offer various kinds of colors specific to different skin colors in different countries and regions. We also offer different kinds of inks based on different tattoo technical operation, such as liquid, emulsion and paste, which makes the tattooing operation easier.

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