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Intenze Tattoo Basic Colors Set 19 Bottles

Intenze Tattoo Basic Colors Set 19 Bottles

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100% Authentic Intenze Tattoo Ink
Each bottle is 1oz
Sealed and Sterilized Ink
High quality ink
Intenze 19 Color Set comes in 1oz
Made in USA


Size: 1oz
Color: Multi-color
Brand: Intenze
Material: Pigment
Manufactured: Intenze
Product Type: Tattoo Ink Set

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Intenze Tattoo Ink - 19 Color Tattoo Ink Set - 1oz

This is the Intenze Basic Color Set with 19, 1oz bottles of the basic colors you’ll need to get started. This listing is for 19 bottles of 1oz colors from the Starter Series.

Intenze 19 Color Tattoo Ink Set Includes:

Snow White Mixing, Snow White Opaque, Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Soft Orange, Hard Orange, Bright Red, Dark Red, True Magenta, Light Magenta, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Mario's Blue, Mario's Light Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown, True Black.