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TG - Piercing Needles

TG - Piercing Needles

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This piercing needle is made of stainless steel, which is rust-free, durable, and safe to use. Our piercing needle has a smooth incision and no burrs on the surface. Is the tip of a piercing needle-sharp, The needle is inserted quickly, which reduces pain during piercing.
Needles are hollow, tri-beveled, and laser-sharp. These piercing needles can fit all piercing guns, piercing kits, and piercing supplies. Our piercing needles are very useful and can be used for ear piercing, nose rings, navel rings, eyebrow, tongue nails, tragus piercing, ruck piercing, labret, daith piercing, etc.
This piercing needle is to be used only by a professional piercer. We suggest using them under the guidance of experienced users.