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Rensow Vitamin A & D Ointment

Rensow Vitamin A & D Ointment

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Skin protectant ointment for cuts, scrapes, burns, and skin irritation
Ideal for tattoo processing and healing, aftercare.


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Rensow Vitamins A & D Ointment is a skin protectant for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It’s one of the best tattoo processing and Healing ointment.  The ointment is made with a unique formula that includes effective, well-known healing ingredients. The ointment’s base is white petrolatum & Lanolin are the active ingredient in Rensow. The cream is infused with Lanolin to treat dry skin, itching, and skin irritation, Lavender Oil, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal minor burns and bug bites, Beeswax, which protects your skin from environmental irritants and harsh weather and Vitamins A, D & E. The sensitive formula is ideal for tattoo aftercare, skin rashes prevention, and other skin irritations. Available in single use packing, and jars for convenient use in a wide range of long-term care facilities, tattoo parlors, first aid kits, homecare, and more.