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Sterile Tattoo Skin Marker And Ruler

Sterile Tattoo Skin Marker And Ruler

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The marker ink is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and harmless to the skin without irritation, easy to remove, but does not stay on the skin forever.
The sterile pen is perfect for marking and positioning the skin. Measure the eyebrows up and down according to length and shape. Perfect for positioning eyebrows.
Precise marking: With spikes on both, a normal tip, and an ultra-fine tip for large work. Scale markings on pens and rulers allow precise placement and marking.
Ink particles: Ink particles are 5-10 um in size and do not penetrate the skin.
This skin marker is often used in radiology research and treatment, surgical treatment, and skincare to mark and place the patient's skin. Perfect for professional tattoo artists and beginners in eyebrow drawing, easy to use.