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Tattoo Aerograph AirBrush AG-129

Tattoo Aerograph AirBrush AG-129

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β€’ Feed Type of airbrush: Bottom and Nozzle Dia.: 0.35mm
β€’ Include - Nozzle - 0.35MM , Spanner -1PC , Metal Hanger - 1PC , Glass Jars - 22CC , Regulator-5MM(M)
β€’ Suitable For: Tattoo, Makeup, Automobile, Painting, and Arts Craft
β€’ Working Pressure :From 15PSI to 50 PSI
β€’ Control: Push-Button, Double-action Trigger Air-paint Control

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Aerograph AirBrush AG-129 Set 0.35mm Dual Action Bottom Feed Type Airbrush The Aerograph represents the latest in innovation. The from 0.35 nozzle opening airbrushes lets you blast lots of paint, but the tapered design still lets you achieve extremely fine lines. This air brush is designed for quick and painless color changes with its plug-in siphon fed bottle. The particularly suitable for detail design work. It is of all metal construction. Professionally for Model Painting, Body Art, Hobby and Craft, Fine Art, Car painting, Photo Retouching, Illustrations, Textiles and T-shirt painting. It is Perfect choice for the body tanning. Aerograph Rainbow Air Brushes are high performance air brushes. A high-detail, high-precision, bottom-feed airbrush for artists .Who need quick color changes with a certain set of colors. Similar in spray characteristics and needle-nozzle size to the HP-C Plus, it has very good atomization and is extremely reliable. It has Dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise control of paint flow. And redesigned tapered gravity-feed cups ensure easy clean up and more efficient paint flow. AG-129 series airbrush is very convenient for airbrush tattoos, because this airbrush can have more and more airbrush glass jar.AG-129 series air brushes have different color handle. They are blue; light blue, golden, green, brown, and purple and so on. This airbrush handle is alloy aluminum material, not copper.AG-129 series airbrush guns apply in airbrush tattoos and airbrush tanning