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Tattoo Gizmo

Tattoo Blue Soap Cleaning & Soothing Solution

Tattoo Blue Soap Cleaning & Soothing Solution

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● Brand :-Tattoo gizmo
● Model Number:-Smoothing & Cleaning Tattoo Blue Soap
● Brand Color:-Blue
● Color:-Blue
● Number of Bottles:-1
● Net Quantity:-1 Bottle

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Blue soap is used before, during and after a tattoo procedure.
It is used for avoiding stinging or skin irritation.
Excellent when diluted with water, usage as same as Green soap, great for cleaning.
Blue soap is excellent when diluted with water for skin prep and also for stencil application
Blue soap can prevent inflammation and cleaning wounds
Diluting Suggestions: 1 part blue soap and 9 parts water as a skin wash and for applying stencils
Use clean
Grab this little essential today - the tattoo equipment tattoo blue soap are a must for any studio