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Tattoo Gizmo

Tattoo no.1 Magazine A4 Book

Tattoo no.1 Magazine A4 Book

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Genre: ART , Body Art & Tattooing
Format: Paperback
Pages: 72


condition: New
Size: A4
Book: Tattoo Magazine no.1
Language: English
Product Dimension: 11" * 8"

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The Tattoo No.1 Book is a great mini tattoo reference from a tattoo artist .The tattoo artist specializing in tattooing more than ten years and always adhering to painting. The Tattoo magazine included many type of Dragons, Flowers, child, Birds, scorpion and Turtle Sketch art with color printed and 72 pages and here are approx 250 striking photographic images and its Page Size apprx. 11”*8” with Package includes 1x.This giant volume includes the very best of the new work made possible by modern improvements in tattoo art.