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Tattoo Gizmo

TG Aluminum Cartridge Tattoo Grip

TG Aluminum Cartridge Tattoo Grip

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Type tattoo grip material alloy shape round
Suitable for all.
Grip is made by aircraft aluminum.
Lightweight and easy to clean, it is great grips for tattooist


Material : Aluminum
Weight : 30 gm

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  • ESAY TO USE - This tattoo machine handle grip and motor machine.The body is small, but strong compatibility, high practicability.
  • FULLY AUTOCLAVABLE - This universal tattoo grip is easy to clean.You can use it safely and comfortably.
  • Compatible with Most Brands of cartridge and tattoo machines, Can't be disassembled but fully autoclavable, Less than 100 ° C high temperature, ultraviolet light, alcohol wipe, etc.
  • Special grooves surface design make the grip anti-slip for stable performance.