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TG- Legend Sol Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine Kit, 4 Colors , 20 Needles

TG- Legend Sol Wireless Pen Tattoo Machine Kit, 4 Colors , 20 Needles

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This Tattoo Kit is Quality Assured and Certified at 4 Star by
Gizmo Legend Sol Pen Tattoo Machine with Wireless Battery Three Month Warranty
Freedom to work with battery or power supply both
Professional High-Quality Equipment's 5, 1oz Dynamic Brand Inks and Grey Wash 3 Tone Set 20
Cartridge Needles, Practice Skins tracing papers, etc Included in the set
Tattoo Gizmo is well established and a pioneer in all kinds of tattoo supplies in India
Tattoo Gizmo 6-Month Warranty on all products contact +91 97116 28289 for Service


Sol Tattoo Machine:
Gizmo Brand Legend Sol Professional Pen Machine Compatible with any brand of power supply
Compatible with any brand of cartridges Hi-Grade Aircraft Aluminium
Japanese Mabuchi Motor
Stroke: 3.5mm Needle Protrusion: 0 – 4.5mm
Operating Voltage: 5 – 13 V DC Power Input: 12 VA
Connection: 3.5 mm RCA Motor: Precision DC motor Operating Mode: Continuous operation Color: Black
Size: 1 Inch Grip Warranty: 6 Month

Power Supply:

Warranty: Six Months
Gizmo Branded Rainbow Power Supply
Body Change color as you increase the voltage, Easy to operate a true
professional power supply
LED Screen
SNMP Based power supply with 2.5A output
Digital display
Specially designed for Rotary machine

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  • The Wireless Pen Shape of this tattoo machine gives you complete freedom of movement.
  • The low vibration and volume level guarantee comfortable working even during longer tattoo sessions. It blurred the boundaries between drawing and tattooing and ensured optimal freedom of movement.
  • Legend Sol Machine comes with a 3.5 MM stroke, which is the universal stroke for Lining, Shading, and Color Filling. Professional Sol Pen Tattoo Machine comes with Six months warranty, Machine is a professional and excellent performer.
  • The Kit comes with a Tattoo Gizmo Pro Rainbow Power Supply, Professional High-Quality Equipment, 5 Color, 2oz Grey Wash ink, 20 Pc Cartridge Needles Etc.
    • Lower vibration and volume than comparable products
    • Stroke from 3.5 mm/0.14 inch
    • A good tattoo machine for both lining and shading
    • Sleeplessly adjustable needle depth (0 - 4.0 mm/0 - 0.16 inch)
    • RCA Universal Connection Works on any professional power Supply
  • Excellent Quality combination for professionals who are beginning their carrier

    Products Including:

    Kit Box (S)-1pc, Legend Sol Tattoo Pen Machine with RCA Cable-1pc,Wireless Battery Connector-1pc, Rainbow Power Supply-1pc, Foot Switch Tattoo Gizmo Brand-1pc,Blacky Black 2oz Skin Ink-1pc, Blacky Grey Wash 2oz Skin Ink-1pc, Colour 4 1oz (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) Skin- Ink / Dynamic Brand-4pcs, Cartridge Needles Mix Box-20pcs, Stencil Stuff 1oz-1pc, Tattoo Tracing Thermal Papers -5pcs, Thick A4 Practise Skin-3pcs, A& D Pouch-10pcs, Heal -It 50 ML - Skin Cleaner While Making a Tattoo-1pc, Ink Trey-1pc, Gloves-6pcs, Disposable Table Sheets-3pcs