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Titanium Internally Threaded Circular Horseshoe Barbell

Titanium Internally Threaded Circular Horseshoe Barbell

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Material: Titanium
Rod Diameter: 1.2mm
Body Jewelry: Body Jewelry
Polish: By Hand Machine

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These earring horseshoe hoops are made of 316L stainless steel, they are easy to clean and will not rust or irritate.
Plain and simple, these barbell circulars can be easily fit and securely fitted. Identical Size You can easily wear these circular barbell horseshoe earrings on cartilage, bridge (ear), eyebrow, helix, lobe, nose, pinna, rim, septum, orbital, ruck, tragus, auricle, belly, labret, lip, etc.
These horseshoe earrings for ears have strong screw posts that are sturdy and long-lasting.The internal thread horseshoe ball size is 3 mm.