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Tattoo Gizmo

Triangle Forceps Tattoo Piercing

Triangle Forceps Tattoo Piercing

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Locking Forceps
Stainless Steel
Pennington Surgical Forceps 6" Inverted Triangle Jaws Stainless


Length: 6.25 inches or 160 mm
Head: 11 mm.
Opening: 3.1 mm.
Tip: Slotted 3.1mm.

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5.5" Surgical Stainless Steel Microdermal Anchor Holder Body Piercing Forceps. A must-have for every body piercer who alters the tops of microdermals. This tool holds the stem of the microdermal jewelry as you screw or unscrew the top. HTS branded surgical forceps come in a number of forms and can be used to grip tissue during the piercing procedure. Piercing forceps are also useful for manipulating body jewelry, such as connecting dermal toppers to a fresh dermal piercing. All of our surgical forceps for piercing are constructed of stainless steel and entirely autoclavable, allowing you to reuse them time and again. Tools are not sterilized.