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Utopian Kabellos – F (frequency) Wireless Tattoo Machine

Utopian Kabellos – F (frequency) Wireless Tattoo Machine

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Material: Aluminum alloy

Battery Capacity: 2400mAh

Input Voltage: DC5V/1A / 5V-12V

Output Frequency: 5-150Hz (constant output power)

charging Method: Type-C charging cable, recommended DC5V/2A USB charger

Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery

Motor: Brushless speed control motor



Body length: 132mm

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A new upgraded Kabellos – F (frequency) tattoo machine is a dream for the tattoo artist specially design machine for the shading and “Dot Work” Art Work. The most sold tattoo Machine in India is now upgraded with new Frequency control and highly sensitive button. 
New specially design chip allows you to control the frequency of the motor which help you to adjust the speed of the machine without changing the power. 
The LED screen on the Kabellos-F tattoo machine displays crucial information like operating voltage, remaining power, working time, hertz and AMP with precise accuracy. 
A working voltage range of 5-12V and ±0.1V adjustment, along with a hertz range of 73-195. With double pressing the power button machine will move in to the frequency mode. Now with +/- button you can control the frequency.   this machine offers detailed control and customization options for tattoo artists. Battery capacity is 2400mAh and a run time lasting up to 7 hours. (Notice: Please fully use up the battery before charging for the first time.)
The Kabellos-F wireless tattoo machine's brushless motor enhances longevity and power. This motor outlasts coreless ones and operates with less noise, making it a top choice for tattoo artists seeking reliability and efficiency in their work. The 3.5 stainless steel stroke cam offers durability and stability, ensuring a balanced performance for both lines and shading. Its resilience makes it ideal for intricate lining work and precise color packing, meeting the demands of professional tattoo artists.
This tattoo machine is Made of aluminium alloy, the wireless tattoo machine has a length of 132 mm and a weight of 186 grams. Its excellent appearance, comfortable grip and balanced weight make it a favourite among artists. Being completely dismountable, it enables thorough cleaning of each part in a variety of ways, ensuring ease of hygiene and maintenance.

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