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Utopian Power Punch

Utopian Power Punch

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RCA connections
consistent and stable voltage output
Voltage Range 4v-12v
5 Hours of battery Working life on Single Recharge.
Made of Strong Aluminium alloy
Fast Charging, 1 hours full.
Available in Two Battery Capacity 1200 mAh and 2000 mAh
4-5 hrs. Depending on Needle Size
The lightweight design weighs only 50grams

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Utopian Power Punch is more than a battery pack — Freedom from cluttered wires on set up, it’s a wireless power supply for Rotary Pen Shape tattoo machine designed to give you the ultimate freedom in tattooing. This small cylinder shape RCA jack battery pack is easy to connect, ergonomically balanced on top of the machine. Its powerful yet lightweight battery pack for RCA connecting Rotary Pen Shape Tattoo machine. which makes it an extremely versatile device that can successfully replace classic power supplies in your studio, especially considering the impressive long working time on one charge. This Comes with A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 2000mAh without uninterrupted operation up to 5 hours. Battery has a special protective mechanism includes Output short circuit protection and also Dual input charging protection. A small lightweight design which can be used on almost any tattoo pen on the market.