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Velpore Surgical Paper Tape

Velpore Surgical Paper Tape

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Hypoallergenic and latex free Provides colling and compression effect together
White, lightweight, non-woven paper tape
Porous, allowing skin to breath
Easily hand tear able, water repellent


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  • The tape has a convenient bidirectional tear, it can be easily torn when needed. It sticks firmly onto the skin, keeping everything in place while still being breathable and comfortable. It can be easily torn when needed without scissors.
  • Our paper tape is hypoallergenic. So, if you have sensitive skin, it won’t give you a rash.
  • Our tape holds securely for long-term wear and can be removed from the skin gently, without causing damage to the skin.
  • Our tape leaves no residue when removed from skin. You can also easily release the tape after the use.